Our specialist fields are planning, scheduling and depot management

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We deliver integrated solutions which will improve your company’s performance and support you in your daily tasks.




MOBILE-PLAN offers your organization a uniquely integrated solution for the optimization of timetables, blocks and duties, as well as the data provisioning of subsequent systems within INIT’s telematic solution. There are also interfaces to third-party systems. MOBILE-PLAN offers a variety of functionalities and optimization tools to improve your efficiency and at the same time consider the needs of your passengers and employees. You can maximize the efficiency of your timetables by comparing them with statistical data.


The MOBILE-PERDIS system organizes the overall personnel assignment process, from duty rostering to transferring wage data, and is part of INIT’s integrated planning and dispatching solution. It also supports the Intermodal Transport Control System MOBILE-ITCS.


The MOBILE-DMS system automates vehicle deployment as well as depot management processes, including vehicle localization, allocation to services or inspections and the targeted assignment of parking spaces that allows pulling out vehicles highly efficiently.